Perry  Dennis And The Twylight Shadows


                         A self contained  Live 6 piece                   

             Cliff Richard And The Shadows tribute band 

We have a full P.A. system ,lighting system, Backline amplifiers  etc      our own sound  & lighting engineer to operate and monitor  the overall sound and  onstage lighting effects  etc.                                              we can also provide a compere and support acts if required .               The Members are all  professional standard musicians                     with years of experience in the music / entertainment industry .          All the material is presented authentically including the correct shadows steps .The Sound is as close as we can get to the modern "shadows sound" .                                                                                     The Songs we play are mostly the up to date versions as performed   on the  "Cliff Richard And The Shadows Re-United Tour "            Which toured All over The world in 2009/10 .                                        We dress smartly and even use the same matching Fiesta red  Fender guitars  and Vox amps like the shadows  used themselves.                                     

We can work with whatever your requirements are usualy either      2X45 mins or 2x1 hour  or spots.                                                               We endevour to work within whatever budget or funds are available to you .Special concessions are available for registered charity  organizations or fund raising events.                                                Audio & video Demo's are available on our website and also in                DVD & CD formats if required.  






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